Hyssop essential oil (Hyssopus officinalis)


Appearance  clear fluid  
Colour colourless to yellow  
Odor specific, herbal, with camphor note  
Relative density, g/cm3 from 0,917 to 0,965  
Refractive index (20 °C) from 1.4730 to 1,4860  
Optical rotation (20 °C), °C from -15,0 to -6,0  
Acid value, mg KOH/g not more than 2,0  
Ester value, mg KOH/g from 5,0 to 36,0  
Carbonyl number, mg KOH/g from 170,0 to 210,0  

Contents of characteristic ingredients (by GC), %:  
β-pinene from 13,5 to 23,0  
Isopinocamphone from 34,5 to 50,0
Pinocamphone  from 5,5 to 17,5  
Limonene from 1,0 to 4,0
Sabinene from 2,0 to 3,0   


Therapeutic Properties: 
The therapeutic properties of hyssop oil are antirheumatic, astringent, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, cicatrisant, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, febrifuge, hypertensive, nervine, sudorific, stimulant, tonic, vermifuge and vulnerary.